The Test Manager’s Role in Agile: Balancing the Old and the New

Mary Thorn, ChannelAdvisor

What do test managers do? In traditional organizations, they assign people to projects, oversee the testers’ progress, provide feedback, and perhaps offer coaching to people who want it. Test managers are the go-to people when you don't know how to do something—not because they know, but because they know who does know. How does that change with a transition to agile? Do we still need test managers? As one who has successfully made the transition from traditional to agile test manager, Mary Thorn shares keys to the transition. Explore why establishing a mission, vision, and strategy for your agile test team is vital. Learn why cross-organizational transparency, communication, and bridge-building become your prime responsibilities. Review models for building great agile test teams—teams who successfully balance old and new techniques to provide customer value. In the end, Mary inspires you to reach a higher level of test leadership.

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