Test Estimation and the Art of Negotiation

Nancy Kelln, Unimagined Testing

Many of us have struggled with test estimation. We have tried simple, heuristic models to craft a best guess-often without much success. We have also tried using a variety of complex, scientific models to calculate an accurate number. The problem is, we are usually fooled by the models-both simple and complex ones-and either overestimate testing needs or are lulled into impossible commitments. Lynn McKee and Nancy Kelln explore the realities of test estimation and propose a new mindset for handling estimation requests. In an interactive format, Nancy and Lynn demonstrate that the best estimate may be no estimate at all. By shifting the focus from estimating to negotiating, you’ll learn how to reveal the often obscured but already determined available time for testing. The next time you are pressured to improve your estimates by reviewing project details carefully, assessing and forecasting risks, and adding more contingency time, be prepared to negotiate and offer up a realistic, practical, and more powerful response.

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