Test-driven Development: It's All about Fluency

Llewellyn Falco, DevelopMentor

Test-driven Development (TDD) is more of a skill that requires repeated practice than a book-learning technique-more like learning a foreign language than implementing a precise process. TDD developers must gain fluency in taking a feature requirement, breaking it into microrequirements, turning it into an assertion with a test scenario, translating that scenario into code, and writing the code that will make that test pass. Rather than a lack of knowledge about this practice, it is a lack of fluency that prevents many smart and well-intentioned programmers from practicing TDD in their work. Llewellyn Falco discusses ways you or your developers can build those skills and gain proficiency with TDD. Learn how TDD improves code design and the specifications needed to write good code. Experience the speed improvement that constant feedback creates while enjoying the safety and confidence you get from automated regression testing. Finally, relax. When you make a mistake, the unit test will gently explain what happened.

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