Test Automation: Investment Today Pays Back Tomorrow

Al Wagner, IBM

The results of a recent survey, authored by IBM and TechWell, showed that testers want to spend more time automating, more time planning, and more time designing tests—and less time setting up test environments and creating test data. So, where should testers and their organizations invest their time and money to achieve the desired results? What is the right level of technical ability for today’s testers to be successful? As this ongoing debate continues, the simple answer remains: It depends. Join Al Wagner as he explores the many opportunities in the world of testing and test automation. Consider the many approaches for building your automated testing skills and the solutions you create, weighing the pros and cons of each. Explore the options for test and dev organizations to consider to speed up releases and deliver more value to their companies. Leave with the ability to determine which approaches make sense for you and your employer.

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