Teamwork Tools: Movement Games for Collaboration and Creativity

Andrew Smith

Are you looking for new ways to invigorate your teams? Do retrospectives seem stale? Do story breakdown meetings feel flat? On the other hand, maybe your teams are humming and you’re looking for additional variety. The research is clear—movement matters, and play stimulates creativity. Join Andrew Smith as he takes you through a series of movement games that are lively and fun, while exploring how these practices can be applied to promote collaboration and creativity within teams. Discover how to use play to shift perspectives and enable new insights within your team. Learn about the importance of creating safety and trust—essential for getting all ideas and viewpoints out on the table. Additionally, see how to use these games for reflection and learning—as tools to understand your own style of collaboration and leadership. Leave with an experience of several movement games and a guide for putting them into practice with your teams.

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