Talking Quality to Business: Metrics for Improvement

Todd Brasel, Pitney Bowes

Are your testing and quality assurance activities adding significant value in the eyes of your stakeholders? Do you have difficulty convincing decision-makers that they need to invest more in improving quality? Selecting metrics that stakeholders understand will get your improvement project or program past the pilot phase and reduce the risk of having it stopped in its tracks. Todd Brasel and Kent McDonald show you how to avoid getting bogged down in the minute details of test results reporting and approach quality measurement from a systems perspective. They offer practical lessons about using metrics to promote quality improvement initiatives to upper managers and executives-the people who make the real decisions about quality. Learn about common traps and problems of measurement programs and how to avoid them. Whether your development environment is traditional, agile, or lean, you'll benefit from this information-packed presentation. Get started today creating measurements that you can use to improve product quality and show business-relevant benefits for your efforts.

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