The Survey Says: Testers Spend Their Time Doing...

Al Wagner, IBM

How can testers contribute more to the success of their project and their company? How can they focus on asking the right questions, improving test planning and design, and finding defects so the business releases a quality product―even though there’s always one more fire to extinguish or one more request to fulfill? There aren’t enough hours in the day to do it all. Join Al Wagner as he reveals recent survey results showing where testers actually spend their time and where testers think their time would be better spent. Compare your own experience with what 250 test professionals from around the world reported. You may be surprised how prevalent testing challenges really are. Learn what techniques and technologies are available to help today’s test professionals execute what they were actually hired to do—test software. Return to your organization with an increased understanding of how other testers are dealing with their testing bottlenecks and what activities your peers view as the best use of their valuable time.

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