Story Time for Testers

Isabel Evans

Stories help us learn. They can be fun or scary, exciting or relaxing. People worldwide tell and listen to stories. We access them through books, film, TV, and computers. But direct, face-to-face storytelling is still a powerful experience. When Isabel Evans was young, there was a program on the radio called Listen with Mother. For fifteen minutes, mothers and children across the land would sit and listen to a story. Join Isabel and become your younger child, bring your testing parent, and listen to her stories. In fifteen-minute sections, Isabel recounts stories drawn from myths, legends, and fairy tales, like those Scheherazade told during 1001 Nights to provide the King, and you, with pleasure, entertainment, and lessons for life. All of Isabel’s stories have lessons that relate to the conference and to your testing work. Come and listen, be delighted, surprised, and perhaps shocked—but always entertained and educated. Learn new ways to interpret your work situation and take home old wisdoms.

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