STARWEST 2009: Test Process Improvement on a Shoestring

Martin Pol, POLTEQ IT Services BV

In these times of economic crisis, cost reduction is usually the number one motive for test process improvement. Although improvement models such as TMMi® and TPI® are very popular, they require formal assessments, process change working groups, extensive implementation programs, and new organizational structures. Instead, you can quickly implement measures that improve your testing process incrementally within your day-to-day activities. Martin Pol presents a low-budget way to select and implement a set of measures that can rapidly improve testing’s contribution to your project’s success-simple risk analysis, proactive test design, coverage targeting, and novel ways to reuse tools, environments, expertise, and existing testware. Learn how low-budget test process improvement can become a natural behavior for your testing staff. Achieve quick wins by working more closely with development and using what you have instead of buying or creating new tools.

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