STAREAST 2012: Testing in the DevOps World of Continuous Delivery

Manoj Narayanan, Cognizant Technology Solutions

DevOps is an increasingly popular approach to ensure that the delivered code is stable, capable of working as advertised, and available in production immediately. In a continuous delivery environment, the team members must be multi-skilled and able to handle all delivery activities-development, testing, and sysadmin tasks. Manoj Narayanan describes how testing is implemented through DevOps tenets and how it compares to the more familiar agile methodology. To leverage DevOps, it is critical that QA organizations and individual testers adapt to new responsibilities and skill sets. Learn how functional and regression test automation play a critical role in enabling testing organizations to play their part in the world of continuous delivery. Manoj concludes with an analysis of DevOps' cultural impact on the testing organization and its interaction with other critical stakeholders including business, developers, operations, and end users. Take back details about new testing tools and practices that make this process work.

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