STAREAST 2010: Tour-based Testing: The Hacker's Landmark Tour

Rafal Los, Hewlett-Packard

Growing application complexity, coupled with the exploding increase in application surface area, has resulted in new quality challenges for testers. Some test teams are adopting a tour-based testing methodology because it’s incredibly good at breaking down testing into manageable chunks. However, hackers are paying close attention to systems and developing new targeted attacks to stay one step ahead. Rafal Los takes you inside the hacker’s world, identifying the landmarks hackers target within applications and showing you how to identify the defects they seek out. Learn what “landmarks” are, how to identify them from functional specifications, and how to tailor negative testing strategies to different landmark categories. Test teams, already choked for time and resources and now saddled with security testing, will learn how to pinpoint the defect-from the mountains of vulnerabilities often uncovered in security testing-that could compromise the entire application.

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