Stamp Out Agile and DevOps Bottlenecks

Tanya Kravtsov

The most critical step in the agile transformation and DevOps adoption process is identifying the bottlenecks in the product delivery cycle. So, how do you go about finding and eliminating those dreaded bottlenecks? Tanya Kravtsov shares her experiences along with tools and methods that facilitate the discovery process while encouraging innovative thinking among team members. Join Tanya to explore ways you can use Mind Maps, Innovation Games (Speed Boat, Buy a Feature, and more), Stick Figure Process Flows, and Team Collaboration to identify, prioritize, and resolve bottlenecks. Learn ways to deal with the most common bottlenecks that cripple development progress—data generation, test environment setup, test execution, and results analysis. Automating these manual processes ensures the quality of the product by testing continuously and giving us more time for exploratory testing. This in turn helps improve developer productivity, reduces delivery cycle time, and adheres to agile principles of responding to change quickly while delivering quality software to customers. Leave with a new understanding of development bottlenecks and the tools you need to stamp them out.

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