SoLoMo Is Shaking Up The Testing Landscape: How QA Organizations Can Adapt, Keep Up, and Thrive

Matt Johnston, uTest Inc.

The collision of social, local, and mobile media (a.k.a. SoLoMo) is impacting and disrupting software development and testing organizations worldwide. With so much sensitive and critical data flowing to and from SoLoMo technologies, there is immense pressure to ensure that apps are reliable, scalable, and secure across a multitude of environments-handsets, tablets, operating systems, browsers, carriers, languages, and locations. Using real-world success stories from Google, Microsoft, and others, Matt Johnston identifies how SoLoMo has transformed the software industry and reveals the secrets to overcoming the challenges that SoLoMo technologies present today. For example, companies that communicate with customers and partners via Facebook or Twitter must protect sensitive data. GPS apps present location-testing challenges. Many apps are being used outside the sterile confines of the testing lab, under "in-the-wild" conditions; thus, when apps and users are distributed around the globe, a portion of your testers should be also.

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