Shift Left Testing: Going Beyond Agile

Michael Nauman

The concept of “shifting testing left” in the software development lifecycle is not new. Shifting testing from manual to automated and then upstream into engineering is a driving factor in DevOps and agile software development. However, Michael Nauman wonders why test automation, DevOps, and agile software development still frequently fail to deliver on their promises? Aligning and hardening your DevOps and test automation—along with streamlining your agile processes—is critical to your project. Michael shares how AutoCAD’s shifting testing left enabled improvements within their engineering team. Learn how the team increased engineering reliability and velocity, and forced process changes upstream into design and research all the way through to product support. Leave knowing why the concept of separation of concerns with regards to quality is as fundamental as the separation of code quality from product quality. Learn how the AutoCAD web team used process dogma and ruthless prioritization to combat metric idolatry and the host of other evils that hold teams back from fully realizing their potential and going beyond agile.

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