She Said, He Heard: Challenges and Triumphs in Global Outsourcing

Judy Hallstrom, Franklin Templeton Investments

You are asked to put together a QA group in India that will work in tandem with your US team to provide twenty-four hour support for a global financial company. And what did Judy Hallstrom, Manager of Testing Services, and Indian Project Manager, Ravi Sekhar Reddy, and their group accomplish? The successful implementation of a fully integrated QA function, from scratch, in less than one year with minimal infrastructure. Walk through the challenges and triumphs as they built their unit from the ground up with no outsourcing service company support. With obstacles ranging from leased equipment, inadequate infrastructure, and shared office space to training issues, visas, Indian Customs, and much more, Judy and Ravi have seen and overcome them all. Now, two years later, they have a global QA team with processes that meet industry recognized quality standards.

  • Working with a sourcing partner vs. going it alone
  • Ways to build bridges between internal and outsourced staff
  • Managing the workflow across international boundaries and multiple time zones

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