SAFe Integration Patterns: Scaling with Continuous Collaboration

Jeff Downs, Tasktop Technologies

“Going agile” at a fifty-person startup is easy; at a 5,000 person ISV it’s impressive; and in a Fortune 500 company it’s often a nightmare. At large scale, the sheer number of legacy systems, stakeholder specific tools, and governance processes can turn even a simple agile deployment into a water-scrum-fall abomination. The ability to scale agile is critical for any size organization aspiring to remain competitive in a software-driven economy. Jeff Downs leads a discussion about being agile by keeping the focus on people—rather than processes and tools—through integration. Jeff introduces several tool-agnostic integration patterns, including defect unification, agile orchestration, and supply chain integration, which are critical to any organization trying to succeed with large scale agile. Learn how these integration patterns lead to an integrated agile tool suite that breaks down the barriers between teams, puts your people in a position to continuously collaborate, and enables a scaled agile initiative.

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