Risk Aware, Not Risk Averse

Siva Katir

Most of us dread failures. But things go wrong. We can become paralyzed by the fear of being the creator of the next outage or critical bug. After a failure, we often hold a postmortem, but this rarely addresses how we can be more proactive in preventing catastrophes. Considering our missteps, failures, and outright crash and burns, we can learn how to ask the right questions at the right time. Siva Katir has thirteen years of experience causing and surviving failures—from the mundane to the maddening. Siva shares the lessons he has learned analyzing his, his co-workers, and his organization’s snafus—from shopping carts that let people purchase things for free to personnel tracking software that couldn't track personnel. Come listen, laugh, and learn how to see patterns that help us improve. Discover how to train yourself to anticipate potential problems well before any code is ever written. It is not about being risk averse—but risk aware.

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