Reduce Third-Party Tool Dependencies in Your Test Framework

Chris Mauck, Neustar, Inc.

Have you found yourself forced to use outdated test tools because the cost to migrate was prohibitive? Have you abandoned or rewritten existing tests because it was easier (and cheaper) than migrating? With technology ever changing, most businesses struggle to keep up with producing high-quality products for the lowest price possible. And it is usually testers who suffer the most, as they are forced to use tools that are outdated, or no longer supported, because the company cannot afford the migration cost. Chris Mauck offers a new way to design your automation tests to reduce the third-party tool dependencies in your current test framework and significantly shorten the time required to migrate those tests in the future. Using real coding examples Chris explains the approach, design, and implementation. Learn a different way to structure your tests and how you can implement better coding practices across your team.

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