Real Time IoT and Mobile Data: Put It to Work for Your Users

Siva Katir

Every app is producing huge amounts of data, recording everything from location changes and button taps to data usage and acceleration. But what do you do with this flood of data? How can you make historical data a powerful tool for your users? How do you store it, let alone process it? How do you scale so that it doesn't all come to a grinding halt when your app is featured on Google Play and iTunes? Siva Katir discusses some scenarios facing developers who want to use this data to customize and improve their apps. Explore real-world pitfalls and best practices discovered while building PlayFab's real-time analytics and eventing platform for some of the biggest games out there. Learn how real time data is used to improve both the software and the user's experience. And most importantly learn how to think about harnessing your user's data to delight them.

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