Ready to Ship?

John Fodeh, HP Software

When developing software systems, the inevitable question is "Are we ready to ship?" Facing this question, many testers and test managers rely on their intuition and gut feeling to come up with a subjective verdict of the system under test. John Fodeh describes how to establish and use a set of Release Readiness Metrics in your organization. These metrics provide a snapshot of the system state and quality that you can use throughout the development process--especially when approaching the release date. John takes a closer look at these metrics and examines the role of testing and testers as “information providers.” John demonstrates different release-related metrics, including a model for predicting how many defects remain in the system after release. Using a real-life example, you're invited to take part in role-play where you are presented with a set of metrics and then must decide whether or not the system under test is ready to ship. Learn from John how you can use metrics to enhance your gut feeling and to improve the quality of the information you provide.

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