Quality Metrics: The Dirty Word in the Room

Annette Ash

Is tracking metrics beneficial? What does it accomplish? How and what should be tracked with regards to software quality? Management wants software metrics to understand what the individual and/or teams are accomplishing and how they are doing with regards to management's expectations. Unfortunately, sometimes those metrics are used against the team and/or individuals. Join Annette Ash as she explores beneficial options to significantly increase software quality, excite all those participating in developing and testing software, and drive metrics tracking from within. Using static analysis tools, you can track unit tests, measure code coverage, set standards for coding, understand the testability, maintainability, and complexity as well as other areas within software quality. You can do this with open source software and minimal effort to implement. Join Annette to see why now is the time to use valuable metrics properly—to motivate and inspire software quality goals that benefit everyone.

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