Privacy and Data Security: Minimizing Reputational and Legal Risks

Tatiana Melnik, Melnik Legal, PLCC

Privacy and data security are hot topics among US state and federal regulators as well as plaintiffs’ lawyers. Companies experiencing data breaches have been fined millions of dollars, paid out millions in settlements, and spent just as much on breach remediation efforts. In the past several years, data breaches have occurred in the hospitality, software, retail, and healthcare industries. Join Tatiana Melnik to see how stakeholders can minimize data breach risks, and privacy and security concerns by integrating the Privacy by Design Model into the software development lifecycle. To understand how to minimize risks, stakeholders must understand the regulatory compliance scheme surrounding personally identifiable information; the Privacy by Design approach and the Federal Trade Commission’s involvement; and enforcement actions undertaken by federal agencies, State Attorneys’ General, and class action suits filed by plaintiffs.

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