The Present and Future of Mobile Test Automation with Appium

Jonathan Lipps

Mobile testing has moved forward in leaps and bounds in the past few years. With frameworks like Appium, it has never been easier to scale automated testing and integrate it with continuous integration. While new automation technologies proliferate with device and platform upgrades, Appium provides a singular, consistent automation protocol on top of the best automation technologies,. In the past year, the Appium open source community has added support for new kinds of automation, including XCUITest for iOS, UiAutomator 2 for Android, and even Windows apps. With demos and code samples, Jonathan Lipps explores the capabilities these unlock, and explains Appium's vision for the future—in both mobile testing and the rich variety of UI testing with IoT applications and devices. More and more, the lines are being blurred between desktop, mobile, and IoT applications—and Appium has a plan for taking advantage of this remarkable confluence. 

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