Performance Testing in the Agile Lifecycle

Lee Barnes, Utopia

Traditional large scale end-of-cycle performance tests served enterprises well in the waterfall era. However, as organizations transition to agile development models, many find their tried and true approach to performance testing—and their performance testing resources—becoming somewhat irrelevant. The strict requirements and lengthy durations just don’t fit in the context of an agile cycle. Additionally, investigating system performance at the end of the development effort misses out on the early stage feedback offered by an agile approach. And it’s more important than ever that today’s agile-built systems perform. So how can agile organizations ensure optimum performance of their business critical systems? Lee Barnes discusses why agile teams need to change their thinking about performance from a narrow focus on testing to a broader focus on analysis—from a people, process and technology perspective. Take back techniques for shifting your performance testing/analysis earlier in the development cycle and extracting performance data that is immediately actionable.

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