Operations in the Continuous Delivery Ecosystem

Sumedha Ganjoo

As development teams move toward a more agile development process coupled with continuous delivery (CD), the role of operations has evolved from a support organization to an integral part of the product delivery ecosystem. Today, operations organizations need to be agile in their feature delivery, but as requests come from different stakeholders, operations must balance their investments in support tasks, urgent tooling requests, and strategic projects. Sumedha Ganjoo explains why it is important for an operations organization to move toward CD and identifies process, tools, and development changes required for its implementation. Sumedha shares changes her team made to be more agile while planning and prioritizing work, as well as changes to development practices that helped the team move toward CD. To explore the benefits of an operations organization adopting continuous delivery and to see how you can start moving toward it, join Sumedha for this session.

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