The Next-Generation Skills Needed for the Future of Testing

Jeremias Rößler

That AI is the future of testing seems to be a well-established fact. But assuming that AI will simply replace current manual testers is merely naive. Just like a tractor is no replacement for a farmer, there are many tasks in testing that by their very nature cannot be automated by current AI. As AI improves, many boring testing tasks will be automated, including creating test automation. But at some point, AI is much better suited to replace developers than testers. Think about a behavior-driven development test: It’s easier to generate code that makes the tests pass than it is to communicate with product owners, customers, and stakeholders to understand the problem and come up with the test in the first place. Jeremias Rößler and Jennifer Bonine will discuss the skills needed as we move into the future with AI, as well as the human elements that we have to practice in order to be ready to embrace the future of testing.

About the Presenter

Dr. Jeremias Rößler ( @roesslerj) is the founder of retest, bringing AI to testing. He routinely speaks at international conferences, and is a blogger, developer & computer scientist. He is concerned with AI in testing and how to solve the “automation bottleneck”. He loves to be approached and talked to, so don't hesitate to make contact.

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