My Failures in Software Testing

Isabel Evans

In her more than thirty years in the IT industry, Isabel Evans says she has learned more from her failures than she has from her successes. Why is this? And what has she learned? That making mistakes is the way to learn, and that allowing yourself to be wrong allows you to grow. Join Isabel to enjoy her greatest failures, and learn not to make the same mistakes she has made. Recently, someone described Isabel as unusual in the technology industries as she is an “elderly woman,” so she has taken as her motto Bob Dylan’s line: “I was so much older then—I’m younger than that now.” Isabel shares why being Generation A means continuing to fail, fail, and finally succeed—over and over again. As someone affected by the “imposter syndrome,” she reflects on confidence dropping as expertise grows, the necessity of dealing with constant change, and why we can never know everything. Isabel may be an elderly woman in tech but she is still planning to make more mistakes and learn more new skills and knowledge. Join Isabel for this stage of her journey.

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