Mobile Testing: What To Automate and What Not to Automate

David Dang

The rapid move of companies into mobile technology has significantly increased the demand for testing mobile applications. Naturally, companies are turning to automation to help ease the workload, increase potential test coverage, and improve testing efficiency. But should you try to automate all things mobile? Are there any pitfalls to consider? David Dang says that unfortunately the answers are not always clear-cut. Mobile has its own set of complications, compounded by a huge variety of devices and OS platforms. Learn what mobile testing activities are ripe for automation, identify which items are best left to manual efforts, and leave with a clear plan for automating your mobile applications. David discusses the various considerations for automating each type of mobile application: mobile web, native app, and hybrid applications. He covers device-level testing, types of testing, available automation tools, and recommendations for automation effectiveness. Finally, based on his years of mobile experience, David provides tips and tricks to help you approach mobile automation. 

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