Mobile Dev + Test 2015: Mobile Testing Trends and Innovations

Melissa Tondi, Denver Automation and Quality Engineering

As organizations implement their mobile strategy, testing teams must support new technologies—while still maintaining existing systems. Melissa Tondi describes the major trends and innovations in mobile technology, usage patterns, tools, and test equipment that you should consider when transitioning existing test teams or starting new ones. Based on more than two years of research with a lab-based consultant team, Melissa focuses on areas that balance efficiency and productivity, including use of a Device Matrix technique to select devices to test against and when to use emulators and simulators rather than physical devices. She offers solutions to ensure you have a comprehensive mobile test strategy and focuses on challenges—including understanding mobile-specific integration testing and which automation tools to use—that have inundated traditional test teams. Melissa describes how to build a well-organized device lab and incorporate testing scenarios—such as gesture and interruption testing—that are unique to mobile.

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