Mobile App Testing: Planning, Priorities, Execution, and Reporting

Jason Arbon

When testers transition from web to mobile testing, they often miss the most important issues. The biggest challenge in mobile testing is knowing the mobile-specific issues—knowing what to test, in which order, and how. Jason Arbon shares his learnings from manual and automated testing of thousands of apps, and tips from working with top app teams. How do you balance functional with performance testing? Which, if any, tests should you automate? Should tests be executed on real devices or emulators? How do you best leverage your on-site, vendors, beta testers, and app store feedback? What testing is a waste of time and should be avoided? Discover the top mobile app issues and how can you quickly test your own app for them. Jason provides a direct, actionable set of recommendations to optimize your mobile test planning, priorities, execution, and reporting. Don’t re-learn the hard lessons yourself. Identify them now, accelerate your mobile testing, and be confident in your app testing strategy.

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