Mindmaps: Agile and Lightweight Documentation for Testing

Florin Ursu

Quality starts with requirements. In small to mid-size companies, it is not uncommon for the communication chain to be broken. Florin Ursu shares ways to avoid miscommunication through a streamlined process in which requirements are communicated to both developers and testers simultaneously; then developers write code while testers document what will be tested. Florin explores what mindmaps are; what they can be used for, both in general and applied to software development; and then dives deeper into how mindmaps can be used for testing. He describes how his teams use mindmaps to brainstorm, organize testing scenarios, prioritize work, review test scenarios, present results to stakeholders highlighting what was tested and—just as importantly—what was not tested, issues found, and risks. Using example mindmaps, Florin highlights important details captured in day to day work, including tips regarding format, communication style, and how to “sell” the idea of mindmaps to your stakeholders.

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