Meeting Strict Documentation Requirements in Agile

Craeg Strong, Savant Financial Technologies, Inc.

Teams in many organizations are still expected to produce and maintain significant amounts of documentation. This is generally the case in Federal, state, and local governments where systems must comply with SOX, HIPPA, NAIC, FDA, or SEC directives. In recent years, Agile has made substantial inroads into government and other heavily regulated environments. However, some successful projects have been criticized for failing to generate the expected documentation. Maintaining traditional documentation is a labor-intensive activity that threatens to substantially impair an agile team’s ability to deliver valuable software. Can anything be done to solve this conundrum? Craeg Strong reviews the documentation typically required in heavily regulated environments and discusses specific techniques for reducing, replacing, generating, or “slimming” document deliverables. Craeg reviews specific tools and practices with “before” and “after” snapshots and describes their cost vs. benefit. Gain insights for breaking down one of the last big barriers to significant agile adoption in government and other highly regulated environments.

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