Measure DevOps for Objective Continuous Improvement Practices

Logan Daigle

Logan Daigle says DevOps has brought about unprecedented changes in the way organizations solve problems and break down silos. DevOps is empowering employees to automate expensive processes and leverage the power of cross-functional teams to benefit development and operations culture. DevOps is helping bridge a culture gap and focuses on providing shorter feedback loops with more responsiveness to failure. But are we missing something here? Do we really know how much all of these process and automation improvements cost? Do we really know if we are improving our products, processes, organizations—and DevOps as a whole? In this interactive session, Logan discusses your entire delivery stream and how you map it. Learn why we need to know that we are providing more value, making good decisions based on risk, and actually improving the quality of our systems. Discover how we should accomplish this and why it will be important for the continuous improvement of DevOps.

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