A Manager's Guide to Getting the Most Out of Testing and QA

Brian Warren, Ceridian Corporation

Like other aspects of development, information about testing and QA practices is often buried in technical jargon and hidden from senior management's true understanding. Although corporations have many choices to protect their customers from poor quality software, these choices are so complex that many decision-makers do not understand them well enough. This lack of understanding is dangerous both to the companies and to the test organizations working for them. Whether you are among the decision-makers or someone who needs to influence them, Brian Warren offers, in business terms, a flexible model of how testing and QA can fit into the development organization as seen by IEEE, ASQ, CMMI®, RUP, and others. He provides recommendations for integrating testing and QA functions into your organization and how these functions now are being impacted by the 2002 Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

  • A model, in business terms, for describing a range of testing and QA services
  • Impact of business context on the viability of different testing and QA approaches
  • Corporate governance reforms applied to testing and QA organizations

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