Machine Data Is EVERYWHERE: Use It for Testing

Tom Chavez

As more applications are hosted on servers, they produce immense quantities of logging data. Quality engineers should verify that apps are producing log data that is existent, correct, consumable, and complete. Otherwise, apps in production are not easily monitored, have issues that are difficult to detect, and cannot be corrected quickly. Tom Chavez presents the four steps that quality engineers should include in every test plan for apps that produce log output or other machine data. First, test that the data is being created. Second, ensure that the entries are correctly formatted and complete. Third, make sure the data can be consumed by your company’s log analysis tools. And fourth, verify that the app will create all possible log entries from the test data that is supplied. Join Tom as he presents demos including free tools. Learn the steps you need to include in your test plans so your team’s apps not only function but also can be monitored and understood from their machine data when running in production.

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