Launch and Grow Your Test Automation

Paul Parsons, Neovest, Inc.

Situation: Your company needs test automation yesterday-but has little or no automation experience and a small budget. How do you quickly launch the automation project, create productive tests that make a difference, and pave the way for success in the ongoing development of test automation? Five years ago, Neovest began an automation journey that started with a single macro-based playback test and has evolved into a Java framework checking 21,000 test cases each night. Paul Parsons identifies the essentials of a test automation launch plan and describes how to assess your team’s skills to provide a crucial takeoff point. Paul guides you through the automation evolution spectrum-from record and playback to mature test frameworks-where you'll learn the strengths and challenges of each stop along the way. Learn the most compelling metrics to track and how you can develop extensible automation today by knowing the design plan for tomorrow.

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