The Last Presentation on Test Estimation You Will Ever Need to Attend

Geoff Horne, Geoff Horne Testing

Estimating the test effort for a project has always been a thorn in the test manager's side. How do you get close to something reasonable when there are so many variables to consider? Sometimes, estimating test effort seems to be no more accurate than a finger in the wind. As Geoff Horne likes to call it, the "testimation" process can work for you if you do it right. Learn where to start, the steps involved, how to refine estimates, ways to sell the process and the result to management, and how to use the process to develop a test plan that resembles reality. Geoff demonstrates a spreadsheet-based tool that he uses to formulate his "testimations" and shows you how to use it at each step of the process.

  • The different variables that need to be considered
  • How to convert the "testimation" into a workable test schedule
  • A spreadsheet template to help you estimate test effort

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