The Journey From Chaos to Credibility

Molly Mahai, Arizona State Retirement System

Many test organizations believe a new methodology or test automation architecture is necessary to fix problems and make significant improvements in how the business values testing. Molly Mahai proves this assumption wrong as she describes one test team's journey from chaos to credibility. She describes how they overcame the challenges of mistrust between development and test, and management’s skepticism and distrust. By using the techniques of empowerment, coaching, delegation, and some creative group activities, Molly illustrates how small changes-implemented over time-resulted in dramatic improvements for the test team and the overall organization. These changes helped foster an environment where developers and testers work together and management trusts the test group’s work and their assessments. These techniques are easy to apply and require neither more budget nor management approval. Learn how you can make a difference in your organization-no matter what your level-and inspire your team at the same time. The results can be dramatic and the work much more fun.

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