“It’s All About Me” (IAAM)—Or Maybe It Isn’t

Steven “Doc” List, Santeon Group

What we really know about other people is their behavior, their words, and their body language. But we assume a great deal more about what's going on in their heads. We behave as though our assumptions are both Valid and True. This frequently leads not only to misunderstandings but also to friction, frustration, and falling out. However, our assumptions could be INvalid and UNtrue! “Doc” List leads you through the basics of an approach called IAAM ("It's All About Me!"), and the implications that IAAM has for you in your everyday professional and personal life. Combining an entertaining and stimulating presentation with role play and participant interaction—and laughter and conversation- discover assumptions you have been making, share insights with others, and develop a new mindset. Discover a new understanding, a new way of seeing and hearing, and change the way YOU behave!

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