The IoT: Internet of Threats?

Christopher Poulin

From connected elevators to smart cars, the Internet of Things (IoT) is all around us, even in ways we're not aware of. The devices make our lives easier, encourage us to exercise, and save time and resources--but at what cost? With current computer and mobile technology, the main threat is to our data and our accounts, with phishing and ransomware topping the charts; however, the IoT introduces risk to our personal safety and compromises our privacy in ways we can't even yet imagine. Join Chris to get a broad look at the IoT, both obvious and largely invisible, and the threats that connected devices pose, from incidents past and the ominous, yet imminently possible, future. You'll also learn what steps are being taken by product makers, the security community, and legislators to mitigate the threats, and how you can help protect yourself. 

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