IoT and Embedded Testing: A Roku Case Study

Rick Faulise

With big hitters like Time Warner and HBO selectively testing Roku releases, testing these little boxes of joy is becoming more of a necessity in the IoT tester’s playbook. Join Rick Faulise as he shares the secrets of testing on a Roku device including how to get into the Roku interface and make it respond to your commands, how to select a broadcast environment for testing, and how to measure streaming performance. Take your IoT testing to the next level by understanding what special types of testing are unique to the Roku and other important considerations to keep in mind as you journey through the Brightscript SDK and Developer program, Telnet command prompts, and jailbreaking/hacking the Roku OS. Rick presents examples of testing on Roku devices and discusses how to decide what to test and in what order to test it. Take away two handouts: 1] how to jailbreak your Roku device, and 2] a comparison and contrast of testing on a Roku box, a Chromecast device, and an Amazon Fire TV stick.

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