Internet of Fun: Winning Ways for an IoT Hackathon

Alexander Andelkovic

The very first time Alexander Andelkovic and his team entered an IoT hackathon, they were awarded second place for their IoT app due in large part to the early and continuous QA testing. Their IoT solution was based on combining different public data sources—such as a Minecraft map of Stockholm and real-time subway system data—to create a fun presentation of the IoT data. Join Alexander as he describes the preparation it took to get ready for the hackathon. He discusses the work that was done on the team composition, how they came up with an approach to add QA testing roles at the start of the project, and the development challenges they experienced during the hackathon. Alexander explores how they took all types of testing into consideration for their IOT app: test automation; and functional, usability, localization, load, and security testing. Join in this session to learn a fun way to get started with IoT and how you, too, can come up with a successful IoT solution.

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