Intel® Curie™ Open Developer Kit (ODK): A Primer—Part 2

Oliver Chen

Whether you are a maker enthusiast who is just getting started or a seasoned developer wanting to jump into embedded device development, this session is for you. Oliver Chen covers the Intel Curie ODK (CODK) and how it can help you rapidly prototype products by leveraging tools familiar to you. The Intel CODK includes software, tools, and documentation for developers to build their own custom boards based on the Intel Curie Module. The CODK helps developers build boards starting with the Arduino101 (Genuino101 outside the United States), the Arduino IDE, or CODK A-Tree. Then, transition to using the open source schematics and board files, and the Zephyr-based M tree which uses Zephyr APIs and Arduino-style APIs, before moving to the Z-Tree for full optimization.

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