Integrating Security into the Development Lifecycle

Ryan English, SPI Dynamics Inc

Software security is neither a development problem nor an IT operations problem. Rather, it is a paramount business problem requiring a multidisciplinary approach that minimizes organizational risk when delivering software products. By making a program-level commitment to security, IT organizations will be in the best position to defend their businesses from growing threats. Ryan English explores business management and the process components of defining, designing, instituting, and verifying secure development practices. He describes a broad set of principles that leading companies are adopting to improve the security of their software and outlines an application security program your company can implement. This approach requires a commitment to application security at all levels of management and offers the promise of a mature level of security without undue effect on the overall development process and delivery schedules.

  • Standards, processes, tools, and educational needs for delivering secure systems
  • Examples of clear, concise development standards for secure software
  • How to create an Application Security Assurance Program (ASAP)

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