Innovation: From the Tester’s Viewpoint

Jason Arbon,

Innovation is not usually associated with testing or quality assurance. For our field to tackle the quality issues of modern applications and remain relevant, we must innovate. The good news is that there are lots of opportunity to innovate today. Sharing hard-earned tips and tricks, Jason Arbon describes how to identify low-hanging fruit for innovation, how to innovate with or without programming skills, how to fail gracefully, how to tell if what you are doing is actually innovative, and how to present innovation to your company and maximize adoption while getting credit for your work. Discover how to find time to innovate when your manager isn’t supportive or when you think you are too busy with your real job. Innovation isn’t just cool—it’s necessary for job security and career aspirations in today’s fast-moving world. Jason draws on real world experiences at Google, Microsoft,, and his work with many top testers. You need to innovate—now more than ever. Find out how.

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