Improve Your Test Process from the Bottom Up

Gitte Ottosen, Capgemini-Sogeti Denmark

Test process improvement can be done in many ways. In a top-down approach a central organization does all the planning, and then implementation is done when everything is ready. In a bottom-up approach the improvements, developed and implemented in individual projects, are then spread throughout the organization. Gitte Ottosen shares her experiences of implementing test process improvements in both small projects and large organizations, with a primary focus on the bottom-up approach, ensuring that the testing community has a high degree of ownership and commitment, both important factors when implementing any process change. You need the overall test community to buy in to the thoughts and methodology behind the process, and you need them to support the implementation. Having a clear goal and knowledge about current process status are necessary because you need to know where you are and where you need to go in order to draw the route.

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