Implementing Agile Testing

Robert Reff, Thomas Reuters

Once the company decides to move to an agile development methodology, questions invariably arise: How should we implement this methodology? What are the expected benefits and pitfalls? How does testing fit into this new approach? Join Robert Reff as he describes real world experiences that helped his test team move from the design-code-test approach to a test-driven, agile development philosophy. Robert offers concrete advice on how to integrate testing, what testing activities to include or drop, and what to expect from both automation and exploratory testing. He describes possible practices, focus, and pitfalls, rather than the all-or-nothing approach often recommend by well-meaning experts. Take home the basis of a plan to implement agile testing without falling into common traps such as lack of training, demoralizing your team, sacrificing a project to the methodology gods, and worst of all-abandoning processes that work while ignoring needed improvements.

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