How Do I Work with These Millennials? Attracting and Retaining the Next Generation

Nikki Henry

Leaders and managers are facing many struggles attracting, retaining, and working effectively with the millennial workforce. Millenials have shorter tenures in positions, expectations of work-life balance, and a need for purpose-driven work. No longer are the days of employees who just come in and get the work done because of a deeply ingrained work ethic. Join Nikki Henry as she breaks down the values of this generation. You'll leave with tools and templates to better engage and retain your millennial workforce for the long term. This includes a shift in leadership practices, but that may be much simpler than you expect.

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About the Presenter

Nikki Henry is a leader in her community recognized for her effective leadership and supportive managerial style. Nikki has helped teams grow from just a few people to over fifty full-time staff, with budgets from a couple hundred thousand to the multimillions, and has always brought her teams to success, often at double the rate of the industry standard. She credits her successes to being an open and accessible leader who works intentionally to have the right people in the right roles on her teams. Nikki received her bachelor’s degree in psychology from Central Washington University and her master’s in public administration from California State University, Fresno. Nikki owns her own business, Ladies Leading Ladies , providing leadership development and management consulting for businesses across the country.

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