Harness the Power of Checklists

Kirk Lee, Infusionsoft

As testers, we can feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of things that require our attention. We are pressured to meet the demands of a fast-paced development environment while grappling with the extreme complexities inherent in today’s software. How can we remember everything while prioritizing our work in a way that allows us to test thoroughly and with confidence? Kirk Lee shares how the proper use of checklists provides a lightweight yet powerful solution. Kirk explains how checklists can prevent forgetfulness, assist in assessing what is really important, and most importantly, free our minds from the mundane so we can reach the deeper levels of thought required to find the nastiest bugs. Take back foundational checklists and learn how to adapt them to your specific circumstance through defect and root-cause analysis. Kirk shares checklists focusing on quality attributes, test types, heuristics; and functional, security, performance, automation, and mobile testing.

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