Grassroots Quality: Changing the Organization One Person at a Time

Frank Lassiter, SAS Institute Inc

Throughout its history, SAS has valued innovation and agility over formal processes. Attempts to impose corporate-wide policies have been viewed with suspicion and skepticism. For quality analysts and test groups with a quality mission, the challenge is to marry innovation with the structures expected from a quality-managed development process. Frank Lassiter shares the experiences of his group’s working within the corporate culture rather than struggling against it. He describes the services his group provides to individual contributors-mentoring, facilitating meetings, exploring best practices, and technical writing support. With a reputation for adding real, immediate value to the daily tasks of individuals on R&D teams, Frank’s group is enthusiastically invited into projects. Learn why testers and test teams may have the ideal background and credibility to provide pragmatic advocacy for quality processes and discover how word-of-mouth can “spread the quality message” across your organization-one person at a time.

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